Year 6 Tutoring in Leeds

At Leeds Tuition Centre, we offer tailored tutoring for Year 6 pupils, helping to unlock your child’s potential so they can thrive in school.

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We can coach and tutor year 6 pupils in various ways to support individual academic development, offering:

  • SATs tutoring ahead of year 6 SATs exams, boosting success rates and building confidence
  • Tutoring for core subjects – we help children develop their English, maths and science skills
  • General academic tutoring to prepare your child for secondary school the following year
  • Tutoring in specific areas of the curriculum to boost confidence and performance

We also offer tutoring for the 11 Plus exam which will usually take place in year 6. Please note that tutoring will need to start before this – it’s important to begin as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of success.

Talk to us about year 6 tutoring programs and let’s discuss how we can best support your child. Call 01133 456 188 for an initial conversation or contact us online.

SATs Tuition for Year 6 Pupils

Pupils will sit their SATs exams in year 6 – we offer tutoring to prepare them, focusing on the areas that require some extra attention. SATs exams are used to benchmark schools but they are also important to pupils as individuals, informing predicted results when they begin their GCSEs. Good SATs results also boost children’s confidence, something that is key to strong academic performance. If you would like to talk further about year 6 SATs tuition, please just get in touch.

How Will Tutoring Benefit Year 6 Pupils?

Tutoring at this age prepares students for the important years that lie ahead of them – GCSEs, A levels and beyond. We believe in helping children achieve their true potential, in an environment that is the next best thing to private school.

We offer 1:1 tutoring within small groups, providing the perfect balance between individual support from the teacher and peer-supported learning. Our pupils are confident, well rounded and ready to take on future academic challenges.

Tutoring helps pupils to:

  • Achieve their potential
  • Gain confidence
  • Achieve better grades
  • Prepare for secondary school
  • Perform well in their SATs exams
  • Feel proud of their achievements
  • Focus on the areas where they need support

We begin by identifying those areas with your child during initial assessments in a ‘no test’ environment. This is absolutely nothing to worry about and will simply give us the information we need to tailor your child’s program to their needs.

Qualified Tutors for Year 6 Pupils in Leeds

All our tutors here at Leeds Tuition Centre are qualified teachers and have extensive knowledge of the year 6 curriculum. We can provide tailored sessions for your child in a friendly, welcoming setting that’s free from distractions, ensuring they are well equipped to thrive in year 6 and in their future studies.

To discuss year 6 tuition and learn more about how we can help your child with English, maths, science, SATs exams, the 11 Plus and their general academic development, please just get in touch. Call 01133 456 188 or contact us online.

Quote“My son joined Leeds Tuition Centre while he was in Year 6. Our main concerns were his English scores at school were not good and he didn’t have the motivation to do school work. Since joining “Leeds Tuition Centre” there is are remarkable changes with his English work and overall attitude to school work. My son scored very high marks in Year 6 SATs (over 110) in each subject. My son has continued to like attending the centre and now this is the third year (he is in Year 8). As parents we love the honest unbiased feedback we get from the teachers, the fact that kids feel challenged to do better and we will continue to support our son in attending Leeds Tuition Centre.”

Janet Weru – Year 6 Tutoring Testimonial 

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