Year 5 Tutoring in Leeds

By the time children reach year 5, they will have taken on more subjects and will be expected to understand them in further depth. We offer tailored tutoring to support your child through year 5, helping them to improve their academic performance and achieve their full potential in school.

Could A Private Tutor Help?

Year 5 tutoring can help with:

  • Preparation for SATs exams
  • 11 Plus exam success
  • Improving general academic performance ahead of secondary school
  • English, maths and science skills, laying strong foundations for secondary school, GCSEs and beyond

Bespoke Tutoring for Year 5 Pupils

We are committed to delivering tailored learning programmes for year 5 pupils, giving them the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed. We structure our classes carefully to support our pupils – much the same as private school, we have small class sizes and your child will benefit from plenty of 1:1 time with the teacher.

To work out how best to support year 5 pupils, we begin with an assessment in a ‘no-test’ environment. It’s nothing to worry about and will simply give us the information needed to tailor your child’s learning. We can support them in all aspects of the year 5 curriculum as needed and will focus on core areas of improvement, ensuring they see results and grow in confidence.

11 Plus Tutoring and SATs Tutoring for Year 5 Pupils

If you are planning on applying for a secondary school that requires an 11 Plus examination for entry, it’s important your child has enough time to prepare. Many pupils begin tutoring in year 5 for this reason so they have time to develop the skills needed to pass the exam. We have a 100% success rate with 11 Plus entrance exams.

The other upcoming examinations to consider are key stage 2 SATs, which take place in year 6. These reflect a pupil’s general performance in school and are used to predict academic outcomes when they begin GCSEs. Tutoring can help build knowledge and enhance academic performance ready to tackle future examinations successfully.

How Can Year 5 Students Benefit From Tutoring?

Tutoring will help pupils to:

  • Gain confidence in the classroom
  • Build on their academic performance ready for the important years ahead
  • Excel in areas where they need some extra support
  • Reach their full potential
  • Improve their grades
  • Achieve individual goals that we will set together

All lessons take place at our tuition centre on Oakwood Lane LS8 3LE, where pupils can learn in a distraction-free environment and make the most of the resources available.

Qualified Teachers Delivering Year 5 Tuition in Leeds

Our sessions are all delivered by qualified teachers who will help your child achieve their true potential. Teachers are very familiar with the year 5 curriculum and will be able to support pupils as required, helping them to progress and meet their individual goals.

To talk about tutoring for year 5 pupils, please call 01133 456 188 for an initial conversation or contact us online.

QuoteThe main factor we chose Leeds Tuition Centre was Joanna Jacobs came highly recommended. My son started in 2015 and a year later my daughter started. Both children are doing fantastic and I can see their progress in school. Both children are able to try tasks at school, without hesitation, that they have learnt at the centre and are ahead of the class.

The centre provides 1-2-1 tuition which gives clear instructions on topics covered. We get homework feedback and feedback on what they have done in the session and it is always very encouraging to hear. Tutors offer advice and guidance for parents to access additional support such as access to educational software packages at home and which reading books to read.

My two children have been taught by Joanna and Dimitrios whom are both excellent teachers. The relationship between them and my children have been amazing as they have been able to engage well and been able to build a good rapport with them.

I would highly recommend Leeds Tuition Centre to all parents as staff here work very hard to ensure that children meet their full potential and to ensure they have a bright future ahead of them.

Sophina Mahmood

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