It’s so important to continue your child’s private tutoring and extra exam support right up until they complete all of the papers for the subject they require support in. There are a number of proven benefits for keeping your child engaged in private tuition pre-exam or whilst on study leave, and at Leeds Tuition Centre, we advocate for the investment in private tuition to continue right until the last exam paper is completed. 

Why do we take this stance? Let us guide you through our findings and experience after 10+ years of private tuition below: 

Study leaves impact on your child’s exam results

The truth is, study leave is not efficient – and it can actually hinder your child’s exam results. Or if they’re in school, their support in the remaining weeks and months is not going to be targeted and focused on their exact needs. Given schools start to wind down in this period, private tuition helps keep that momentum going, and can almost help the student achieve 1 grade higher in the last month alone (as we have done with numerous students). We highlight their true weaknesses and knowledge gaps in that all important pre-exam period, to then rectify and work on in the final months prior to the exam.

Schools and teachers start to wind down in this period

Traditional study leave is often accompanied by a decline in academic momentum. Schools and teachers may begin to wind down activities, creating an environment that lacks the intensity required for optimal pre-exam preparation.

Pre-exam learning is not targeted or tailored to your children’s gaps in knowledge

The unstructured nature of study leave can lead to a lack of targeted learning. Private tuition, on the other hand, provides a personalised approach that specifically addresses a student’s individual needs, focusing on areas that require attention and improvement.

Children are often left to their own devices for study leave

Study leave can inadvertently become a period of self-directed learning, leaving children to navigate their revision independently. Private tuition ensures that students receive consistent, guided support, mitigating the risks of distraction and ensuring a more productive use of study time.

Our Advice

One of the key advantages of private tuition is its ability to identify true weaknesses and knowledge gaps. By recognising these areas, we can tailor our approach to rectify and strengthen them in the final stretch before exams. This proactive strategy empowers students to face their exams with confidence, armed with a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

As the founder of Leeds Tuition Centre, I encourage parents to view private tuition as a continuous investment in their child’s academic journey. By extending tuition until the last exam, you provide your child with the best possible chance for success. The focused, personalised support offered by private tuition can make the crucial difference in achieving not only academic excellence but also fostering a lifelong love for learning.