Key Stage (KS1 – KS4) Tutors in Leeds

We offer private tuition in Maths, English and Science for key stage 1, key stage 2,  key stage 3 and Key stage 4 pupils. Our targeted sessions cover the relevant materials depending on your child’s age and curriculum, providing tailored support in the areas where they need it the most.

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What do we offer at Leeds Tuition Centre?

  • 1:1 Key Stage tuition
  • Tailored English, Maths and Science tuition for all Key Stages
  • Simple initial assessments in a ‘non-test’ environment, used to create tailored learning plans
  • Personal objective setting so your child can work towards individual goals
  • 80-minute tuition sessions held on a weekly basis
  • A welcoming and supportive teaching environment

Our tuition is the next best thing to private school. All sessions are held at our welcoming, well-equipped centre on Oakwood Lane, Leeds LS8 3LE. Your child can learn in a classroom environment with access to all our technology and resources. Best of all, there are no distractions, creating a calm learning environment where pupils can fully focus and engage with their lessons.

If you require any further information on private tuition or you’d like to book an appointment, feel free to contact us online or call us on 01133 456 188.

Key Stage 1 (KS1) Tutoring

We believe in tapping into a child’s full potential through tailored, targeted learning. Parents want to give their children the best start in life – education is such an important piece of the puzzle. KS1 is a formative time when your child will be laying the educational foundations for the rest of their lives, so they need to be able to learn, thrive and grow in a supportive environment. Our KS1 tutoring sessions offer just this. We teach children essential skills and help them become well-rounded pupils so they can get the most out of their education, offering encouragement and making sure learning is enjoyable.

Key Stage 2 (KS2) Tutoring

Key Stage 2 is where the pressure can begin to mount, rounded off with SATs exams in year 6. By this stage, children are expected to handle more subjects and their core English and maths skills become crucial. We can support your child throughout KS2, whether they need tutoring in specific areas of the curriculum, or they are a high achiever looking to take their learning to the next level.

Key Stage 3 (KS3) Tutoring

Key Stage 3 is an important time in your child’s education, laying the foundations for key stage 4 when they begin their GCSEs. We provide bespoke tutoring in line with the national curriculum, at the same time focusing entirely on your child’s individual needs and the areas where we can best support them. We ensure children are achieving their potential in maths, science and English, building a tailored leaning plan and setting goals so pupils can see positive progress.

Key Stage 4 (KS4) Tutoring

Finally, KS4 is an integral stage of your child’s education. These two years see testing GCSEs, amongst numerous other examinations. We help your child achieve their specific goals, from moving up a set, to achieving above their predicted grade in their English, Maths and Science final examinations.

Our Approach to Key Stage Tuition

Our style of teaching gives your child focused tuition in their core subjects, building confidence and improving academic performance.

How do we deliver focused tuition?

  1. Initial assessment. This is held in a ‘non-test’ environment so there’s no pressure. It’s simply a way to help us design your child’s bespoke programme.
  2. Tailored learning. We work out how best to support your child and build tailored programmes, including learning objectives so children will have an ongoing sense of achievement.
  3. Weekly tutoring. Sessions are held weekly, with classes lasting 80 minutes. Your child will be tutored 1:1 within a small, friendly group while benefitting from the tutor’s full attention in every session.

Our approach helps to unlock a child’s full potential by:

  • Building confidence
  • Creating supportive peer groups
  • Providing a welcoming and friendly learning environment
  • Boosting academic success
  • Giving pupils a sense of achievement

Our tutors are fully qualified classroom practitioners with combined knowledge and experience of more than 100 years. We’re committed to offering a friendly and supportive environment – your child will be welcomed in with a smile and will be given continuous encouragement.

Please get in touch to learn more about key stage tutoring in Leeds. Call 01133 456 188 or contact us online.

Areas We Cover:

Leeds Tuition Centre have provided specialist Key Stage tutoring services to the following areas of Leeds; Alwoodley, Harehills, Gipton, Chapel Allerton, Seacroft, Crossgates, Whitkirk, Burmantofts, Little London, Killingbeck, Chapeltown, Beeston, Wetherby, Temple Newsam, Colton, Moortown, Potternewton, Cross Green, Sheepscar, Holbeck and Hunslet.

Key Stage FAQs

What levels of Key Stage do you offer tuition for?

Leeds Tuition Centre offer tutoring for children of Key Stages 1 through to 4 (KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4), providing bespoke and targeted learning for those aged 6 to 16 in English, Maths and Science

How will Leeds Tuition Centre’s Key Stage services benefit my child?

A change in behaviour towards learning and schoolwork is usually one of the first positive signs that we tend to see. For example, your child starts completing their homework without too much of a struggle and doesn’t need reminding over and over again to complete it. 

The second benefit we see is improved confidence and an increase in self-esteem. Which in turn leads to increased levels of concentration and involvement during lessons at school.

Is there a preferred Key Stage to start tuition?

Ideally, working with children from KS1 right through to KS4 would show the best results. Ensuring our students are as prepared as they can be, from SATs and 11+ Exams through to their GCSEs.  

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Quote“The educational services provided by Leeds Tuition Centre are more than excellent. The level of interest for each individual separately is amazing. This is the second year for my daughters at the centre and I can see the difference in their academic level and I have noticed this progress from the first weeks of their enrolment in it. Thank you very much for your services and for your care of our children.”

Sabry Rubat – Parent Testimonial