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At Leeds Tuition Centre we offer tutoring ahead of 11+ exams and school entrance exams. We have a 100% success rate for Eleven Plus grammar school entry exams, through the provision of targeted programs that unlock a child’s full academic potential.

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What do we offer at Leeds Tuition Centre? 

  • 1:1 tuition within small groups
  • 11+ tutors with qualified teacher status
  • Focused tuition ahead of the 11+ exam
  • Initial assessments to help us build a tailored plan
  • Individual goal setting to help your child learn
  • 80-minute tuition sessions which are held weekly
  • A friendly, supportive teaching environment

If your child is hoping to attend a secondary or grammar school where an 11+ examination is required for entry, we can coach them to success. Tuition takes place on site at Oakwood Lane, Leeds LS8 3LE, giving your child the benefit of all our resources in a calm environment that’s free from distractions.

If you require any further information or you’d like to book an appointment, feel free to contact us online or call us on 01133 456 188.

A tailored tutoring programme for 11 Plus exam success

We design our 11+ programmes to create 100% success rates for pupils sitting their examinations. If your child is going to be taking an 11+ exam, it’s very important that you contact us in advance, allowing them time to prepare and giving them the best chance of success.

We support your child by:

  1. Carrying out an initial assessment. This is in a ‘non-test’ environment and allows us to see where our support will be most beneficial.
  2. Tailoring a programme to your child. We develop personal objectives ahead of their 11+ exam so your child has an end goal in sight.
  3. Holding weekly tutoring sessions. Your child will attend 80-minute weekly sessions with a tutor who will help them prepare for their entry exams.

Why is 11+ tutoring beneficial?

Even the most academically gifted students can lack confidence, especially in a large class environment at school where there might be more than 30 other children. Tutoring is a way for your child to prepare for their exams and our approach is to create a supportive, encouraging environment where they will be able to thrive.

11+ exam tutoring will help your child by:

  • Building their confidence
  • Helping them achieve their goals
  • Giving them the skills needed to tackle the 11+ with confidence
  • Setting them up for exam success
  • Supporting them in reaching their full potential

Who are our 11+ exam tutors?

Our 11+ exam tutors are all fully qualified teachers with a wealth of experience in their subject areas. We have combined experience of 100+ years.

11+ contents will vary, however the exam will generally cover:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning/spatial awareness

Our tutors can coach your child in all areas of the 11+ exam and ensure they are well versed in what to expect ahead of the real thing.

As well as having qualified teacher status, our 11+ tutors are passionate about creating the optimum learning environment. We want to give our pupils confidence in their abilities and bring out the best in them, so they can go on to achieve their potential and get into the school of their choice. Your child will be warmly welcomed at Leeds Tuition Centre and we will support them in their academic development.

Please get in touch to learn more about 11+ tutoring in Leeds. Call 01133 456 188 or contact us online.

Areas We Cover

We provide specially tailored 11 Plus tutoring services to the following areas of Leeds; Oakwood, Roundhay, Alwoodley, Harehills, Gipton, Chapel Allerton, Seacroft, Crossgates, Whitkirk, Burmantofts, Little London, Killingbeck, Chapeltown, Beeston, Wetherby, Temple Newsam, Colton, Moortown, Potternewton, Cross Green, Sheepscar, Holbeck and Hunslet.

If you have further questions about our services, visit our FAQs page or contact us today.

FAQs About 11+ Tutoring

What is your pass rate for 11+ Exams?

Leeds Tuition Centre are proud to have maintained a 100% success rate for 11+ Grammar Entry exams.

When is the best time to start 11+ Tutoring?

The worst thing you can do is start preparing your child for their 11 Plus Entrance Exams too late, especially because 11+ exams consist of 4 different subject papers. Most children will begin their tutoring in September or January of Year 4, though because the amounts of tuition required may be somewhat higher, tutoring may need to start a little earlier than Year 4. Especially if you feel your child hasn’t been reaching their academic potential.

How difficult is the 11 Plus Exam?

The 11+ is one of the most difficult tests that a Year 5 or 6 child can face, as many tests are conducted in the September of Year 6. Without proper support and a planned approach, it makes it extremely difficult for your child to pass.

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Quote“I’m very proud of our son Jacob. His continued hard work, commitment and humility has meant that he’s moved up sets in maths and is on target to do well in his GCSEs. A big thanks to Joanna from Leeds Tuition Centre too. For her combined kindness and professionalism when teaching our sons. I highly recommend her. Thank you for your good work.”

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