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If it’s Maths tuition that you require, we initially carry out an in-depth educational assessment to establish the particular areas your child may be having difficulties with. The 40-60 minute consultation is very relaxed, no silences or test environments, your child is encouraged to relax and complete simple written and verbal comprehensions, mathematics related questions.

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Numeracy Skills

Like Reading, maths is another life skill that cannot be compromised on. Without this essential subject students find it a struggle to progress onto the next phase of their academic career or even navigating life can become a problem without the basic skills required to live a fruitful and enjoyable life.


Maths is one of the subjects that you either get or you don’t. Unfortunately if your son/daughter falls into the ‘I don’t get it’ section of the population the chances are they won’t ever without help. You see schools have a lot of content to get through and certain milestones that a child is supposed to meet at a specific time, but let’s face it, they don’t always meet them because everyone is different. What happens if they don’t meet those required milestones? Nothing, they are left to remain confused and become ever more switched off to the wonderful subject that is maths. Once they have entered this of emotional zone there is a lot to overcome never mind the actual mechanics of how to divide, multiple or deal with complex equations. This is where extra support really comes into its own.

We are able to take the emotion out of maths and teach techniques that will allow them to access even the most difficult of questions.

We provide qualified teachers that are able to deliver:

Primary School Maths Tutors

Secondary School Maths Tutors

11+ Maths Tutors

GCSE Maths Tutors

A Level Maths Tutors

We can help your child succeed in the following areas:

✅   Early Years ✅   Percentages, Fractions, Decimals ✅   A level
✅   Basic Number Skills ✅   Problem Solving ✅   GCSE (9-1)
✅   Divison ✅   Algebra, Geometry ✅   11+ maths
✅   Times tables ✅   Time, Money, Place Value ✅   Mental maths
✅   Measure ✅   KS1 & KS2 SATs  


Why not book an in-depth assessment to find out exactly where your son/daughter’s strengths and weaknesses are in maths. If, after the assessment you decide that you would like us to work with your child to improve, then it will be our priviledge to do so, call 01133456188 today to book your assessment.

Areas We Cover

We provide trusted and experienced Maths tutoring services (from KS1 through to A-Level) across Leeds, including the following areas; Oakwood, Roundhay, Alwoodley, Little London, Killingbeck, Chapeltown, Harehills, Gipton, Chapel Allerton, Seacroft, Crossgates, Whitkirk, Burmantofts, Beeston, Wetherby, Temple Newsam, Colton, Moortown, Potternewton, Cross Green, Sheepscar, Holbeck and Hunslet.

If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page or contact us today.

QuoteI would like to say a huge thank you for all the support given to my son who lacked confidence and you believed in him. He required support to achieve the best as he had gaps in his English and grammar. I have amazing feedback from staff during his parents evening and they have noticed his improvement during his lesson and results from his test papers.
My son now feels he can overcome some of the learning barriers he had using the skills taught to him to improve and most importantly take on board what has been said. He enjoys the session and feels the purpose of each session is a learning journey to improve his own skills.

I believe it is a tuition center that will ensure that each child will make a difference and improve their skills. The sessions are tailored to the child’s needs rather than a whole group session which I will has benefitted my son.

Ambreen Yasin – January 2020

Does your child ‘get’ maths?

Maths Tuition FAQs

How much does Maths tutoring cost at Leeds Tuition Centre?

Between £29.50 – £35 per 80-minute session.

How do I know my child needs a private Maths tutor?

They are feeling stressed or worried; they are not meeting their full potential; they’re not progressing as fast they are with other subjects; there are gaps in their knowledge, or they’re disappointed with their maths grade after a recent end of term assessment. They’ve moved up a set are not coping with the new topics; the pace of the lesson (quicker) and previous topics are missing because they joined the set later in the year. 

What exam syllabuses do Maths tutors cover?

GCSEs, SATs and 11+.

How do I know my child is ready for Maths tutoring?

They avoid doing their homework, getting into trouble at school in their maths class, they don’t their times tables, they are looking slightly withdrawn or confused by what they are supposed to be doing in class.  However, to fully understand whether they need a tutor, an Initial Consultation, which looks at their strengths and weaknesses in maths from basic numeracy skills to GCSE questions (if appropriate) will certainly flag up any problem areas. 

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