GCSE English Tuition in Leeds

We are the experts that parents trust for GCSE English tuition in Leeds. Covering all curriculums and developing a bespoke programme to support your child, we provide targeted tuition for GCSE success, helping students reach their full potential in English.

GCSE English Tuition: How We Tutor for Success


We offer a tried and tested tutoring method where children learn in small groups with their peers. Here’s what we offer:

  • Private lessons with a qualified English teacher
  • Focused English tuition covering all areas of the GCSE curriculum
  • Tailored lessons shaped by an initial assessment to identify areas for growth
  • A 70-minute weekly lessons with the same tutor each time
  • A well-equipped tuition centre that provides an ideal learning environment
  • Lots of 1:1 time with the teacher, learning in a group of three to four pupils


All GCSE English tuition takes place at our centre on Oakwood Lane, Leeds LS8 3LE, providing a practical learning environment without any distractions.

We recommend starting GCSE tutoring as early as possible to give your child the best chance of success. Find out more or book your free initial assessment. Send us a message or call 01133 456 188.


What Are the Benefits of GCSE English Tuition?

We strongly believe in helping every child realise their full potential so they can climb the ladder to success. By offering tailored GCSE English tuition, we can help your child achieve:


  • The English GCSE grades they deserve. Focusing on areas where your child is lacking knowledge and the parts of the curriculum they find most challenging, we can help them boost their grades.
  • A confident attitude. Classroom environments can be intimidating. Through tailored tuition in a small group, our classes are designed to build self-belief in English as well as improving general confidence.
  • Better independent and critical thinking. All tutoring is carefully aligned with each pupil’s goals, helping them develop the skills to work effectively at GCSE level.
  • Improved focus. Studying in small groups creates a supportive, engaging environment that helps your child learn. They will develop better concentration and focus as they work towards their GCSEs in a structured way.

How Do We Help Your Child Achieve English GCSE Success?

Through a range of activities including written exercises, practice exam papers, group work and computer-based learning, we help children improve:


  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Essay and creative writing skills
  • Grammar

This is how we approach GCSE English tutoring:

  1. Initial assessment. In a non-exam, stress-free environment, your child takes an informal assessment so we can understand the level they are currently working at.
  2. Programme creation. We set objectives in consultation with you and your child, creating an individual tutoring plan using the assessment results to guide us.
  3. Initial meeting. Your child will meet their tutor to discuss their objectives and get to know them better, ensuring they feel comfortable and happy.
  4. Tutoring begins. A weekly 70-minute sessions where your child will work towards GCSE English success.

What exam syllabuses and exam boards do we cover?

GCSE –  Eduqas, AQA, Edexcel, and IGCSE

KS2 SATS – Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar and Spelling

11+ – NVR + VR – CEM and GL

Our English GCSE Tutors

All our tutors are fully qualified and experienced classroom practitioners, able to lead, encourage and inspire success. They will have specialist knowledge of English as a subject and will know your child’s curriculum in depth, ensuring they can teach the skills needed at GCSE level.

Please get in touch to learn more about GCSE English tuition in Leeds. Call 01133 456 188 or contact us online.

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English Tuition FAQs

How much does English tutoring cost at Leeds Tuition Centre?

£33 per 70-minute session. For more details on our pricing, click here.

How do I know my child needs a private English tutor?
They are feeling stressed or worried; they are not meeting their full potential; they’re not progressing as fast they are with other subjects; there are gaps in their knowledge, or they’re disappointed with their English grade after a recent end of term assessment. They’ve moved up a set are not coping with the new topics; the pace of the lesson (quicker) and previous topics are missing because they joined the set later in the year.
What exam syllabuses do English tutors cover?
GCSEs, SATs and 11+.
How do I know my child is ready for English tutoring?
They avoid doing their homework, getting into trouble at school in their English class, they are looking slightly withdrawn or confused by what they are supposed to be doing in class.  However, to fully understand whether they need a tutor, an Initial Consultation, which looks at their strengths and weaknesses in English from basic literacy skills to GCSE questions (if appropriate) will certainly flag up any problem areas.

My son joined Leeds Tuition Centre while he was in Year 6. Our main concerns were his English scores at school were not good and he didn’t have the motivation to do school work. Since joining “Leeds Tuition Centre” there is are remarkable changes with his English work and overall attitude to school work. My son scored very high marks in Year 6 SATs (over 110) in each subject. My son has continued to like attending the centre and now this is the third year (he is in Year 8). As parents we love the honest unbiased feedback we get from the teachers, the fact that kids feel challenged to do better and we will continue to support our son in attending Leeds Tuition Centre.

Janet Weru – January 2020

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