If it’s English tuition that you require, we initially carry out an in-depth educational assessment to establish the particular areas your child may be having difficulties with. The 40-60 minute consultation is very relaxed, no silences or test environments, your child is encouraged to relax and complete simple written and verbal comprehensions, as well as mathematics related questions.

Why are books so important? by Joanna Jacobs

We are able to offer and meet the demand for Early Reading up to and including English GCSE. We guarantee that your son/daughter will be taught by a fully qualified teacher and have qualified teacher status.

Reading Programme

Reading is the foundation for all subjects and as such we are always writing about it, talking about it and ensuring that students are taught well so they can make necessary progress through their academic career. We start with phonics, helping students to breakdown words with the relevant sounds; I use the ‘magic thumb’ technique. You’ll be amazed how youngsters, regardless of age, love this technique. It helps them breakdown the word and then blend it together so they can read it successfully. Those nightly reading sessions before bed take on a whole new meaning of mother and child reading time. Children are now engaged and feel more confident to tackle words that they may have struggled with before and go to sleep, happy and pleased with their success.

We develop an English Individual Programme of Study (IPS) which consists of:

  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Vocabularly

English Sessions are made up of:

  • face to face teaching
  • Written worksheets, text books and exam papers
  • Relevant and targetted computer based learning

We provide qualified teachers that are able to deliver:

Primary School English Tutors

Secondary School English Tutors

11+ English Tutors

GCSE English Tutors

A Level English Tutors

We teach:

✅   Reading ✅   Creative Writing ✅   Sentence construction
✅   Phonics ✅   Comprehension ✅   GCSE
✅   Spelling ✅   Grammar, Vocabulary, Puncuation ✅   11+
✅   Handwriting ✅   Essay Writing ✅   KS1 & 2 SATs


We provide tutoring service in the following areas of Leeds:

  • English Tutors Oakwood
  • English Tutors Roundhay
  • English Tutors Alwoodley
  • English Tutors Harehills
  • English Tutors Gipton
  • English Tutors Chapel Allerton
  • English Tutors Seacroft
  • English Tutors Crossgates
  • English Tutors Whitkirk
  • English Tutors Burmantofts
  • English Tutors Little London
  • English Tutors Killingbeck
  • English Tutors Chapeltown
  • English Tutors Beeston
  • English Tutors Wetherby
  • English Tutors Temple Newsam
QuoteWhen Ibrahim started tuition he lacked confidence and was struggling in school.   Over a period of time at Leeds Tuition Centre Ibrahim dramatically improved. 

Joanna focused on his weaknesses and gave him strucutre.  He is now able to plan his work effectively and is confident in and out of school.  We also put his younger brotrher Hisham into tuition as well and noticed the same improvement. 

Both our sons now have a good foundation to work from.  We would highly recommend Leeds Tuition Centre to any parent looking to improve their child’s education.  

Arab Ahmad – January 2019

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