If your child didn’t get a place at grammar school, it might feel disappointing but it doesn’t need to be a major obstruction to their future education. There are lots of ways you can support your child and ensure they get to where they want to be well beyond the 11 Plus, whether they’re dreaming of attending a particular university or they want to follow a certain career path.

First of all, from a practical standpoint, if your child has recently been turned down by a grammar school, it is possible to appeal. Bear in mind that this won’t always be successful and you will need to submit your appeal quickly if you feel that a mistake may have been made. Find out what you would need to do from the school and your local authority.

In the more likely event that you need to make a plan B, here are some important steps to take to ensure a successful future is still in reach for your child:

  1. Talk to your child openly and honestly. If you’re disappointed that your child didn’t get a place in a grammar school, the chances are that they will be as well. Make sure they know that it will be ok and that they can talk to you if they’re upset. Think through the next steps together, offering them proactive solutions and discussing the merits of other schools.
  2. Consider what additional support your child will need. If you feel the school isn’t offering everything your child needs, or if they’re finding the transition to secondary school challenging in any way, don’t wait and let them fail: get in first with some extra support. Private tutoring can be an ideal interim measure to build confidence, as well as a means of achieving long-term goals such as getting better grades, or feeling well prepared for important exams.
  3. Stay in touch with your child’s teachers. Whatever school your child ends up going to, their teachers will be essential points of contact. Check in with them on a regular basis to find out how your child is doing and if there are areas where they need to make improvements. This will help you to catch any problems early and find ways to provide the extra support they may have received at a grammar school.
  4. Spend time doing schoolwork with your child. If you’re worried that your child may fall behind after not getting into the grammar school of your choice, monitor their schoolwork closely and make sure you’re ready to step in if they’re struggling. A great way of doing this is by doing their homework together, giving you a good idea of what they know and where the gaps might lie.

If your child didn’t get into grammar school, please don’t worry. We can help, putting together a plan to support them.

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