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Everything is student focussed

My daughter attended the Summer School in 2014. She had a successful experience and so I continued as she was so geared up and ready for the new academic school term I wanted her to keep that focus. Here are some of the areas I think I have seen an improvement:

- I noticed that her confidence levels have picked up.
- That she's looking for more difficult tasks within maths.
- Due a maths exam at school in November so I will be able to really judge how Raven is progressing.
- I think Leeds Tuition Centre is a very non-pressurised environment way of learning and Raven is enjoying the lessons.
- Friendly staff
- Everything is student focused.
- I am looking forward to seeing both elements come together; both her school work at what she has been learning at Leeds Tuition Centre.

Mum of Raven

Great value for money

My daughter, Olivia, had been receiving extra tuition for Maths & English for approximately 12 months at a previous establishment and, although initially it seemed to be working, increasingly I felt that Olivia wasn’t really reaching her full potential for several reasons.

I began searching for an alternative with little success – certain aspects of other organisations just did not appeal.

Coincidentally, at around the same time a friend of mine described the very positive and successful experience her son had encountered at Leeds Tuition Centre.

That week I contacted Joanna and was immediately impressed by her friendly and welcoming approach. Her system for delivering the tutoring sessions were exactly what Olivia needed – one to one sessions, consistency and an environment conducive to learning – with a qualified teacher! She seem to fully understand how Olivia could be encouraged to be the best that she could be, gain confidence and flourish in her learning. The sessions are great value for money too!

It’s only been 3 months since Olivia started her maths lessons at Leeds Tuition Centre and the first progress assessment from Joanna has shown that she has made excellent improvement in her maths skills. I’ve asked Olivia about the things she loves about Leeds Tuition Centre and this is what she said;

“I have one tutor all the time rather that lots of different ones like last time and Joanna is fun and kind”
“There aren’t loads of kids cramped in one space”
“You’re not just sat in front of a computer all the time”
“I don’t know how Joanna does it mum but the work I do at Leeds Tuition Centre is the same as I do at school so it’s really helping me a lot”
Olivia is enthusiastic about and looks forward to her tuition each week - I never have to remind her to do the homework Joanna sets her. I’m really impressed with the progress Olivia has made, more importantly Olivia is very proud of herself - her confidence has definitely grown and her love of Maths is a joy to see.

Thank you so much Joanna
A very proud mum

Karen Cruise

A big thank you!

I'm very proud of our son Jacob. His continued hard work, commitment and humility has meant that he's moved up sets in maths and is on target to do well in his GCSEs. I admire his discipline so much

A big thanks to Joanna from Leeds Tuition Centre too. For her combined kindness and professionalism when teaching our sons. I highly recommend her.

Thank you for your good work and I have embarked on marketing you to parents who come into contact with me.

Xina, Leeds

The best place for you!

When I came to the UK more than two years ago, my son knew no English and could not even sound English letters although I did try to teach him reading before I came. I was told by the school that my son who had a learning difficulty and who was placed in year six had passed the stage where he can identify phonemes. I got him early on in the Tuition center where he was tutored one session by Joanna and another by a different teacher. During these two years, my son has progressed a lot and, now, he amazingly can read, something we thought was impossible for him. My son has a learning difficulty and he is surely a slow learner and I will keep him at the center as long as I am in the UK to help him reach his potential.

Now, I have just started letting him have math sessions as well. I trust Joanna and her team as they are going to do the best for my son. Joanna has always tried to get the best out of every child. Your child doesn’t need to have learning difficulties but if they are having any difficulty with their lessons for all sorts of reasons like not knowing the language or being sick, or just unhappy about school performance and wanting your kid to do better, that is the best place for you!

Manal K - February 2017

Children's full potentials are met and they have a bright future

The main factor we chose Leeds Tuition Centre was Joanna Jacobs came highly recommended. My son started in 2015 and a year later my daughter started. Both children are doing fantastic and I can see their progress in school. Both children are able to try tasks at school, without hesitation, that they have learnt at the centre and are ahead of the class.

The centre provides 1-2-1 tuition which gives clear instructions on topics covered. We get homework feedback and feedback on what they have done in the session and it is always very encouraging to hear. Tutors offer advice and guidance for parents to access additional support such as access to educational software packages at home and which reading books to read.

My two children have been taught by Joanna and Dimitrios whom are both excellent teachers. The relationship between them and my children have been amazing as they have been able to engage well and been able to build a good rapport with them.

I would highly recommend Leeds Tuition Centre to all parents as staff here work very hard to ensure that children meet their full potential and to ensure they have a bright future ahead of them.

Sophina Mahmood - Feb 2017

Here at Leeds Tuition Centre we love to teach, but it’s the feedback and results which really make it worthwhile. So hearing positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ truly inspires us to keep delivering and improving every day. We want to thank every last one of our incredible parents and students for making Leeds Tuition Centre what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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