In today’s blog post I try to answer: Should I wait until September to get my child in front of a private tutor?
The simple answer is no! Don’t wait until September to find a qualified private tutor!

Did you know that during the 6 weeks holiday children will lose up to 6 months learning?  So imagine how much time they will have lost due to Covid-19.  Education during the pandemic will have been excellent in some cases and non-existent in others.

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Professional Support

If they have been fortunate enough to have had online tutor during lockdown and easing of the lockdown, then they are in a better position than most.  They may if they have adapted to online tuition and their private tutor well, have maintained their current level.  This is supposing that it has been consistently delivered over this time frame.  If it has been sporadic then they will still be behind.  Maybe not as much as say someone who has relied on the work they have received from school, via Google Classrooms and email exchanges that have tried to help them on a stuck point.  Videos may have also been used as an additional support to their lack of understanding on a particular topic in Maths, Science and/or English and still, they’re stuck. I refer to these specifically as they are the core subjects required to move to the next level from Secondary School to A levels or college.

Without qualified help from a teacher, a qualified teacher with years of experience, they are going to struggle.  Older children rarely admit it, instead, they are simply going to go through the motions to keep mum and dad off their backs!

Get a private tutor’s help

So yes, do get professional help from a qualified teacher.  Don’t leave it until September.  By then your child will be 2.5 years behind.  Think about it, the Summer holiday knock children back by 6 months which takes them until Christmas to get back into the flow of learning.

This is an investment.  An investment in their future and yours!

Don’t leave it to chance, get help and support, sooner rather than later.

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