Calling all teachers: Are you looking for a flexible way of teaching, without the paperwork and hours which allow you to live a ‘normal’ life?

Then Leeds Tuition Centre has just the answer…

teacher holding file

If you’re a fully qualified primary or secondary teacher of Mathematics, Science or English looking for flexible part-time work, then fill in your details or give us a call on 01133 456 188 and start your journey today with Leeds Tuition Centre.

Here at Leeds Tuition Centre, we’re growing fast and need like-minded teachers (like yourself) who share the same drive and desire to deliver world-class private tuition for children on a part-time basis.

Our little (and not so little) Students range from the ages of 6-16, with a desire to improve and further their English, mathematics and Science studies.

Our centre has seen inspiring results since opening in 2012. So now we want experienced teachers in maths, Science and English who are willing to go the extra mile and adhere to our highly successful philosophy here at Leeds Tuition Centre:

“Help students build their self-esteem, grow in confidence and succeed in their studies.”

Does this sound like something you can do?

If it does and you’re itching to help students realise their potential; then simply email a copy of your CV and covering letter to or give us a call on 01132 440 040 today!

Why should I work for Leeds Tuition Centre?

  • Flexible Working Hours

    If you have children or other work commitments, no worries. With this role you can work the hours which suit you best and have a minimal impact on your current lifestyle.

  • No Paperwork

    Forget the hours slaving away on lesson plans; we have the equipment and tools to make your time working at Leeds Tuition Centre painless and fun!

  • State of the Art Equipment

    Use some of the best computer software and equipment to teach the students. There’s limited paper or work sheets, and material to keep both yourself and the kips stimulated and happy.

  • Small Classes

    You’ll be teaching small groups of 4 or 5 students, so you can really focus on giving everyone the time and attention they need to improve and succeed.

  • Great Pay

    You’ll enjoy a fabulous rate of pay for your services

  • No Egos

    There’s no hostile environment or hungry workers looking for promotions here. We work as a team to create a fun place for our students to learn in and for you, as a tutor, to work in. Our real ‘promotion’ and victory here is to see our kips achieve great results at school.

So what are you waiting for?


Simply email your details or give us a call on 01133 456 188 today for more information – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday -

4.00pm to 8.20pm

Saturday -
9:00am to 2:00pm

Lessons are for 80 minutes.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or would like to book a tuition course, you can contact us on:


“I don’t believe that my career would of been possible if it weren’t for the help off Joanna and others.”

Although I have never been to the Leeds Tuition Centre, I know it will be a brilliant opportunity for students as they are being cared for by Joanna Jacobs. Joanna, or ‘Miss Jacobs’ as I called her, used to be my English Teacher. I was in my last year of secondary school when Joanna became my teacher and if it wasn’t for her I don’t believe I would of passed my English GCSE’s. She was strict but fair and believed in my ability. I saw a huge change in my coursework grades that year and was always offered extra support, in and after school hours. She was not only my teacher but became a friend as well. I left school almost 3 years ago now and currently a Graphic Designer at a Design and Marketing agency in Hull. I don’t believe that my career would of been possible if it weren’t for the help off Joanna and others.

Kara Dawson, 19