In this weeks blog, we take a look at a common question we get here; “My Child Doesn’t Like School, Could A Private Tutor Help Them?”
We all want the best for our children in terms of education. A big part of this entails putting our children into the best schools. But what happens when the child does not like school? Contrary to popular view, a child resenting school is not always a problem to be overly worried about. Let’s face it, not all children will naturally be inclined to learning in a classroom. The reasons behind this resentment differ from one case to another.

Why does my child hate school?

This is one question most parents have had to ask themselves. It gets them worked up in most cases, and this is understandable, considering most parents are clueless about why this is the case. Shall we now put ourselves out of this misery?

Unidentified Learning Problems

Your child’s disinterest in school may be due to a few learning problems you have not identified. For instance, a child may have a hard time learning in groups, sitting too far from the board, or concentrating in the middle of distractions from other students. If your child’s school teacher has failed to identify and fix these problems, it will make your child uninterested in going to school. After all, why go to a place where they do not care about your worries?

Highly-gifted students seek bigger challenges.

Some children are actually smarter and more gifted than others. Such C are not content with slugging it out among children that are not at the same mental levels as them. They eventually see no reason to go to school. It is simply not competitive enough for them.

Suppressed Desires.

Being in school every day somewhat ties up children. It prevents them from expressing their feelings. They are forced to learn most subjects they do not find interesting, for instance, maths and history. They cannot talk to their peers without permission. Staying in confinement for 8 hours every day is not fun for anyone, including children.

Bullying and Loneliness.

Bullying comes with significant and lasting harmful effects in the life of the victims. These effects are even more pronounced in children. If a child is consistently bullied by his peers or superiors, it will most likely damage their self-esteem. The emotional, physical, and adverse mental effects of bullying may make your child dislike school.
Loneliness also contributes to children’ lack of interest in school. “Why do I have to go to this place every day without my friends?” Having familiar faces around helps children to settle and thrive in places they do not like. Your child may fake sickness if he or she has no friends in school.

For advice on bullying at school, the government have put together information for parents on the following link:

What should you do if your child hates school?

We have highlighted the possible causes of a child’s disinterest in school. However, the more important part is for you to find out which of these is the problem, in the case of your child. This requires a lot of patience and dedication. As a parent whose child hates school, it is important you maintain a positive attitude towards school.
You do not have to push your child in this case – it only makes them hate school more. Get them to do more of their favourite extracurricular activity. Avoid withholding their reason for disliking school for disciplinary reasons. All these will help to calm the situation. But is that the solution? Of course not! Your child needs to learn, and that is impossible when they are not in school. The best solution here will be to hire a private tutor.

Could a private tutor help them?

The answer is yes. The right private tutor will most likely help your child who detests learning in school. The fact that a child doesn’t like school doesn’t always mean they hate learning. Children are naturally wired to seek knowledge and learn about new things. They will learn if the conditions and environment are right. Fortunately, a private tutor is well-equipped and better positioned to make these happen.
The following are the ways a private tutor can help a child that dislikes school:

They are always patient and encouraging.

The first and perhaps, the biggest influence of a private tutor on a child who hates school is the patience they work with. It is important to understand that learning and growing never ends. Private tutors know that changing the anti-school mindset in children is a process that requires patience and time. They encourage and support the child. They also empathise and listen to their concerns. These professionals are with your child every step of the way.

They build on your child’s strengths.

A private tutor starts by getting personal with your child. They take the time to know them better – their interests and disinterests, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Private tutors are better inclined to discover your child’s skills and interests. They assess their current levels, emotionally, socially, and academically, and come up with ways to build on their strengths.

They focus on their favourite ways of learning.

A private tutor will find out your child’s most preferred way of learning and work with that. Where appropriate, a private tutor will sometimes incorporate learning through creating a fanfiction piece of writing, drawing, and or reading books or magazines on their interest. They also identify what distracts them from learning and remove it from the learning process. This helps the child to concentrate better and learn faster.

They set goals and achieve goals together.

A private tutor introduces the spirit of teamwork into your child’s learning process to encourage them to learn. They help your child set personal and academic goals, and they collectively work to achieve them. This way, your child’s talents and skills are harnessed, improved, and leveraged to help them grow.

They acknowledge progress and efforts.

Children are sometimes discouraged when nobody sees and recognises their hard work. Private tutors do not miss these – they focus on the efforts rather than the grades. They acknowledge the positive behaviours of children and reward them for every progress they make.


It is important to realise that a child disliking school is not the end of the world. In fact, it is one of the things every parent must expect. When it happens, ensure that you handle it the right way. While some parents have devised the means of resolving the issue, others may need external help. And one of the best ways to seek quality help is to engage in a private tutor.
A private tutor brings a lot to the table that can turn the situation around. However, as a parent, you are expected to shop for the right tutor and make the environment conducive for both the tutor and your child. Do you need a reliable, qualified, and friendly private tutor/teacher for your child? Get in touch with us today!

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