An overview of Leeds Primary School Ofsted inspections

Ofsted recently published their reports for nine Leeds Primary Schools. These reports summarise a school’s services, skills and curriculum offered to its students and issue an Ofsted score of: inadequate, requires improvement, good or outstanding.

No matter a school’s score, additional educational support may still be beneficial to children struggling with schoolwork. Primary school tuition provides extra support with qualified teachers creating tailored lessons for specific areas of development. This can be especially important during key times such as Year 6 SATs.

We’ve pulled together an overview of four of these Ofsted reports, looking at how they could influence your child’s development and where tuition centres could offer a solution.

Changes in school management

New school terms can bring with them new teachers, support staff and governors. Little London Community Primary School have recently experienced these changes in leadership, earning them a ‘requires improvement’ status. Although students are extremely well-behaved with a positive attitude towards learning, adjustments in management will naturally draw attention away from student’s learning potential – something a Tuition Centre can dedicate the time to do.

The importance of stability

Similarly, to Little London Community Primary School, Yeadon Queensway Primary School has introduced a new leadership team. It can take time for new members of staff to settle in and imbed stability, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of the pupils. The Ofsted report had varied results and noted some children’s reading and writing skills were not up to the standard we would expect, earning the school an ‘Inadequate’ Ofsted status. In these instances, external tuition could help students struggling in these areas.

Providing opportunities to develop

It was clear the leaders and governors of Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School take pride in their pupils’ development; ensuring all pupils are happy, educated and play a part in their community. These values, along with a broad and exciting curriculum, increase student engagement and provide further opportunities both inside and outside of school, granting them a ‘Good’ Ofsted score.

Encouraging community spirit

The Co-Op Academy Nightingale Primary School invests a lot of time into ensuring their students feel like they belong. Community spirit plays an important role in pupil’s development, with the ‘Young Interpreters’ scheme helping those where English is not their first language. This ‘Good’ Ofsted rated school has a strong emphasis on equality and supporting pupils with learning difficulties, aiding all students reach their potential.

How tuition centres can help your child no matter their school’s Ofsted score

Ofsted reports provide a great insight into a school’s performance and the impact it could have on your child’s learning and progression. To boost confidence or provide extra support outside of schools, tuition centres are proven to:

  • Focus on specific subjects
  • Improve children’s grades
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Build confidence
  • Provide tailored learning

We are a well-established tuition centre in Leeds offering support for children who are finding schoolwork tough. Contact us to arrange your initial consultation and find out how we can help.