Is your child prepared for Year 6? KS2 SATs Tips

When they enter year 6, your child will be taking their Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in May. SATs will show how much progress your child is making as well as helping teachers to understand the level they’re working at so they can begin preparing them for their GCSEs. For this reason, SATs are important tests that will shape your child’s future.

You can help your child prepare for their year 6 SATs exams and achieve the grades they deserve. Here are some tips to get started.

Start preparing for SATs in plenty of time

It’s very important that your child has time to improve their knowledge and practice thinking in the right way. Taking an exam is as much about answering the question as it is about knowing the facts. If your child has enough time to get prepared ahead of their KS2 SATs, they will feel more confident in their abilities, as well as having the right skills and knowledge to keep them on track to success.

Encourage extra-curricular activities

Children entering KS2 still have a lot of learning ahead of them and if they have a well-rounded education, this will help to improve their general knowledge, confidence and enjoyment of school. Encourage activities outside of school, as well as suggesting books your child might like to read – this will help with their SATs exams as well as laying good foundations for the remainder of their school years.

Talk to your child’s teachers

Teachers will be able to give you direct feedback on your child’s progress and where they might need to improve ahead of their KS2 SATs. If you have any concerns about your child’s performance in school, schedule a meeting with their teacher sooner rather than later. They can give you valuable, actionable advice on the most effective methods of SATs preparation.

Ensure your child has the support they need

Work with your child to prepare for their year 6 SATs exams. They will be tested on their reading, maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar so these are the key areas you should work on together. Ask them what they need from you and give them ideas of activities that can make revision more digestible. From making revision cards, to talking through your child’s concerns and making a study plan together, offering good support is all about adapting to their needs.

For some children, working with a tutor can boost their confidence – and their grades. Tutors will be able to:

  • Tailor learning activities to your child
  • Give your child personalised feedback
  • Set practice papers and mark them, giving them a realistic idea of their current level
  • Prepare a bespoke programme for your child to support their development and improve their SATs grades

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