Our parental responsibilities include making important decisions for children. One of these is choosing the right private tutor for them. Knowing if and when your child requires a private tutor is half the job. The other half is going all the way to pick the best private tutor for them in the crowd. We understand how tricky this can be, considering how little we know about teacher-student relationship dynamics. But not to worry, we are about to simplify things and make the journey a whole process a lot easier for you but showing you how to choose the right private tutor.

Who is the ‘right’ private tutor?

You have to know who you are looking for to stand a chance of picking them out of the crowd. So, let’s talk about what a proper private tutor is all about. 

A good private tutor is a qualified and passionate educator and observer. They are trained to assess the challenges a student in their care is facing, and help them by adapting their work method to suit the needs and personality of the student. A private tutor teaches either a single student or a group of students. 

As professionals, they review the class materials of your child, simplify topics they find difficult, and provide detailed answers to doubts and questions as it relates to their academics. Your child’s private tutor also increases their attitude and motivation, especially academically. They also help the child develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

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Now that you know who the ideal private tutor is let’s go ahead and see how you can get one for your child. 

Getting the ideal private tutor for your child

There are thousands of private tutors out there open to working with a child or a group of children.  And that is putting it mildly – the numbers are much larger.  So, except you know what to look out for and how to look out for them, you may have a hard time getting the right private tutor for your child. 

Here are the essential steps in getting your child the best private tutor. 

Step 1 – Speak with your child. 

Assessing your child’s readiness and expectations put you in an advantageous position when in search of a private tutor for them. Understand their academic situation, the challenges they face, and the kind of help they need. In some cases, you may have to speak with your child’s school teacher to get a clearer view of the situation. 

Step 2 – Launch the search. 

Having understood the academic goals and needs of your child, you can commence the search for a private tutor. Interestingly, there are various ways of scouting for your child’s next private tutor. 

Consulting the school’s Resource Centre.

You can reach out to the family resource centre of your child’s school (if there is any). This information office usually offers parents relevant information regarding finding the right tutor for their child. In situations where the school offers private tutoring services, they provide you with more details on how it works. 

Seeking recommendations. 

Another route to go is asking for recommendations from friends and family. If there are people around you who have gotten private tutors for their kids, you can speak to them for recommendations on where and how they went about it. A unique thing about this option is the accuracy. 

Working with tutoring agencies.

Tutoring agencies specialise in helping parents like you find the right tutor for their child. Rather than waiting on television and radio advertisements or online parenting publications to learn about an excellent private tutor open to new opportunities, you can trust a reliable tutoring agency to do the job for you. 

These establishments offer you access to a wealth of tutoring options. You can easily choose a qualified tutor that has the qualities you are looking for, stays close to you, and charges within your budget. Tutors from this channel are rated, and you can quickly assess them based on the reviews from the parents they have worked with. 

The best part of working with a tutoring agency like ours is that we only work with qualified tutors. Rather than private tutors without qualifications, we take the time to verify the qualifications of our tutors before admitting them. So, all the tutors on our platform are experienced and qualified teachers interested in practising private tutoring. 

Step 3 – Working with your child’s private tutor. 

Yes, you have successfully hired a private tutor for your child using any of the channels above. But that is not all, there are other important details you need to finetune. 

For instance, you need to work around a suitable schedule to ensure that the meetings are convenient for both the tutor and your child. You also need to help them assess the academic situation of your child, and work towards their educational goals. 

Be ready to communicate your expectations regarding the tutorial sessions. You are also expected to provide other relevant support that your child’s new tutor may need, including teaching resources, a conducive environment, and more. 


Qualified Private Tutors For Your Child

The only way you and your child can benefit from hiring a private tutor is to hire a good, qualified teacher. And when you have one, you must ensure adequate collaboration between you and your child’s tutor.  At Leeds Tuition Centre, we are committed to offering excellent private tutor candidates. With our quality service, you can rest assured of finding a passionate teacher with the right qualifications and a strong passion for helping your child succeed academically.

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To see government guidance on private tuition during COVID-19, Please take a look at the government advice here.