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So just how do we do it? 

Step 1 – Book your child’s in-depth Assessment

Your child will complete a simple number of written and verbal comprehensions and mathematical questions in a relaxed ‘non-test’ environment. Taking approximately 40-60 minutes, this will allow us to establish your child’s strengths, weaknesses and understanding of the curriculum.

Step 2 – Create a learning programme

Once your child has completed the FREE Assessment, we’ll sit down with you and your child to find out any learning objectives they want to work towards. Combined with the FREE Assessment results, we’ll draw up an individual tuition programme ensuring your child reaches these goals.

Step 3 – Meet your tutor

Depending on what area your child needs attention on, we’ll pick one of our expert tutors which best suits their needs. 


Step 4 – Let the tuition commence!

Your child will attend 80 minute tuition sessions on a weekly basis, where they’ll benefit from our full attention in small focused groups of 4 or 5. 

Step 5 – Achieve your learning objectives

All of our tuition programs are pushing your child to a goal, whether it’s GCSEs or moving up a set at school, we’ll frequently assess their progress and guarantee they achieve these ambitions.  



What we offer

  • An English and maths in-depth assessment costs between £19.50-£50 worth £250
  • A selection of tuition times to fit around your other commitments
  • One-to-one attention from our experienced expert tutors
  • A Free detailed lesson plan
  • A tutor tailored perfectly to suit your child’s needs  
  • Fun ways to learn through computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and audio resources

Like what you see?

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s a 5 step plan we abide to ensuring we help your child grow in confidence and ultimately achieve their goals.

If you’d like to book your in-depth Assessment or would like more information, please give us a call on 01132 440 040.
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