Most parents do not consider a private tutor for their child because they see it as a duplication of teachers’ responsibilities. While it is safe to say that the jobs of a teacher and a tutor are somewhat similar, there are also clear borderlines. The main differences between the work of a teacher and a private tutor lies in teaching children and keeping track of their progress.

A private tutor is specially hired by a parent to give their children a more targeted and bespoke learning opportunity. The personal learning process private tutors adopt is more potent in helping students achieve their academic and learning goals. Like teachers in school, tutors usually specialise in one subject or a variety of subjects for children but in particular, English, maths and Science.

Are you still wondering if a private tutor is all that important for your child? Read on to learn about how a private tutor can help your child.

How exactly does a private tutor help my child?

A private tutor keeps your child on track. 

Formal education is a comprehensive process. Most parents make the mistake of seeing the school as the only facility required for formal education. But the truth is, schools only do some parts, not all. Children in school learn in the company of other students in the same class. A teacher oversees each class.

Considering the number of children in a class, it is practically impossible for the teacher-in-charge to give everyone the top-quality attention they need. Sometimes, it results in slow learning, inadequate understanding, or poor reading and writing skills on the part of the children. The fact that these problems originate from the school makes the school unfit for correcting them.

Fortunately, private tutoring fixes this problem and ensures that a struggling child is saved from falling behind. Private tutors are specially trained to spot the weakness of a child and devise proactive ways of turning them into strengths. For instance, a child that struggles with maths can be helped by a private tutor who specialises in teaching maths.

So, if you are concerned about your child struggling in school, private tutoring is just the fix you need. Start by speaking to your child’s class teacher to see if your child is not lagging behind in school.

A private tutor comes handy for entrance exam preparations.

Entrance exams into top schools are not easy rides. Even a brilliant child may require some extra help to get into their dream schools. Private tutors are the best hands for this job. These professionals understand the process better and know the right techniques to adopt to help the student succeed.

A good private tutor will expose your child to different tricks and tips that can improve their entrance exam score significantly. These proven techniques can help your child to nail that top score. Private tutoring as a special intervention can just be the game-changer your child requires in their quest to get into Grammar school.

Working with a good private tutor with an experience of school entrance applications means they know just what needs to be done, how to do it, and when to do it. They are better positioned to advise you on how best you can help your child achieve their dreams. So, it is safe to consider them as an additional guide and support for your children.

A private tutor makes learning personal.

A private tutoring session involves just a teacher and a student sitting in a conducive environment trying to learn. This personal relationship, which ultimately makes education personal, is highly beneficial for your children. Private tutors, who should be a qualified teacher, are highly educated and talented people. They are well-versed in time management, discipline, and the best attitude towards teaching and learning.

The time and effort a private tutor invests in the personal development of your child endears them to the tutor. This makes learning easier and more interesting for your child.

A private tutor makes life easier.

We have seen children struggle to maintain a cordial relationship with their parents. This can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. However, the more disturbing fact is that friction affects the development of the child. Based on this, children may become strong-headed or rebellious, with zero regards for instructions relating to education and learning.

With a private tutor in the picture, these tensions and others are naturally suppressed. While the child may not really want the tutor around at first, they hardly rebel against the tutor who is considered a stranger. If a private tutor understands the situation, they may ease the situation and mend the parent-child relationship.

Other perks of having a private tutor are that they help children complete their homework with little or no problems. As a parent, this means you can invest your time into something else while your child’s tutor does this. It also helps you stay stress-free.


We have identified the major ways a private tutor can help your child. However, it is important to state that private tutoring is not a universal answer. There are some situations where private tutoring is simply not suitable. For instance, as a parent, you should never adopt tutoring as compensation for bad home habits. Such situations are best improved by you as the parent.

Likewise, you should not expect a private tutor to ease the overwhelming burden that your child experiences by going to school. In your role as a parent, you must help your children relax better, avoid fatigue, and have fun. You should also reward your child when they make significant progress in their education.

Lastly, private tutoring is not suitable for all ages. Ensure that your child is old enough to be privately tutored before getting a private tutor for them.   Looking for the best private tutors for your child? Get in touch with us today!

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