Maths is one of the core subjects that all children will learn in school and the skills they acquire are vital, serving them throughout the rest of their lives. It can be a difficult subject to master though, so if your child is finding maths lessons tough, they are certainly not alone.

A maths tutor can support your child with their learning and help them reach their full potential, teaching them 1:1 and focusing on the areas where they’re looking to improve. Here are five signs that may indicate your child would benefit from lessons with a maths tutor.

Stress or Worry

1) Maths makes them feel stressed or worried. Private tuition can help to alleviate stress by working through the parts of the curriculum that your child may be struggling to grasp. When pupils experience stress, this can often be accompanied by feelings of being overwhelmed, or powerless to do anything about it. Working with a tutor is a practical way to tackles maths stress head on.


2) Your child feels they are not achieving their full potential in the subject. This can be a very frustrating feeling and it’s not uncommon, especially with a challenging subject like maths. If your child knows they should be performing better and wants to improve their grades, hiring a private maths tutor is a great way to give them the boost they need.

Slow Progression

3) They’re not progressing as fast as they are with their other subjects. Maths can be difficult, especially for children who tend to excel in more creative subjects. That’s not to say that children can’t do very well in their maths exams – we see pupils learning, improving and gaining the grades they deserve each and every day. If your child is feeling stuck and isn’t progressing at the pace they need to, it might be time to talk to a maths tutor.

Knowledge Gaps

4) There are gaps in their maths knowledge. Perhaps your child has had to miss some lessons and they’re now struggling to catch up. Or maybe there are just certain parts of the curriculum that they don’t fully understand, leaving them with knowledge gaps that can be problematic when it comes to exams and coursework. If you choose to go ahead with tutoring, your child will work with a tutor who can tailor their teaching to them. They can focus on those problem areas and gaps to build a good all-round knowledge of the subject.

Disappointed By Their Grades

5) Your child is disappointed by their maths grades. No child should have to feel disappointed with their performance in any subject. Sometimes they just need a helping hand, some individual support and the chance to improve their skills and confidence. Maths tutoring provides all of this and more, giving pupils the opportunity to learn and develop so they can ultimately improve their grades.

We teach maths from early years through to GCSE, helping your child build the knowledge they need to succeed. All our tutors have qualified teacher status and will tailor their lessons to your child’s needs. We can tell you more about whether maths tutoring will benefit your child. To enquire, please call 01133 456 188 or contact us online.