Are you noticing your child struggling with their schoolwork? If they need some extra support, a tuition centre can help them realise their potential, gain confidence, achieve their goals and improve their grades through tailored one-to-one tuition.

Tuition centres like ours are staffed by qualified teachers who provide expertly planned lessons to address specific areas of improvement for children. They provide additional learning time outside of school to give your child the extra support they need to thrive, addressing struggles head on to find the right solutions. Tutors come up with effective, creative ways to help children manage their schoolwork and gain the knowledge they need to progress.

Is your child struggling with their schoolwork?

First thing’s first, is your child struggling with their schoolwork? Once you know there’s a problem, you can help them find a solution. Your child may be struggling with their schoolwork if:

  • Their grades are falling, or are lower than their teachers have predicted
  • They don’t enjoy school or are feeling stressed about it
  • Certain subjects make them anxious, worried or upset
  • You notice that they struggle to concentrate on their homework
  • Teachers are raising concerns or are reporting poor performance

What does a tuition centre do to help children who are struggling with their schoolwork?

If you establish that your child is experiencing difficulties with their schoolwork, it’s important that they feel supported. Ensure your child has the help they need as soon as possible so their difficulties don’t get on top of them, which can make them feel stressed or overwhelmed.

A tuition centre can help children who are struggling with schoolwork by:

  • Finding the root cause of the problem. Initial assessments in a stress-free, non-exam environment will help tutors understand what your child finds difficult and where the problem lies.
  • Providing a safe, inclusive learning environment. A lack of confidence can prevent children thriving in school and might affect their ability to apply themselves to their learning. Tuition centres offer small class sizes, helping children gain confidence in an environment where they feel more comfortable.
  • Offering spaces that are conducive to learning. Concentration is key to producing the best schoolwork. Tuition centres are dedicated spaces with excellent facilities and no distractions, helping children to focus and learn.
  • Giving one-to-one support. Tutors will work with your child one-to-one, giving them exactly what they need to thrive and improve in school.

How will your child benefit from the support of a tuition centre?

A tuition centre can help children who are struggling with their work to:

  • Gain the confidence to perform at their best
  • Realise their potential in school
  • Shine academically
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their subjects
  • Improve their grades
  • Work towards short-term and long-term goals

We are a well-established tuition centre in Leeds offering support for children who are finding schoolwork tough. Contact us to arrange your initial consultation and find out exactly how we can help.