Can A Tutor Help With Stress Coping Techniques For My Child? The answer is yes. As humans, we are all wired to feel stressed in some ways, and children are not excluded. But while adults understand how stress affects them, children are usually clueless about stress and how it makes them feel.

Stress in children can be difficult to spot. Except when parents are intentional, it is easy to miss the short-term behaviours and physical symptoms that come with stress in children. For some parents, even if they want to be intentional, they lack the time or the needed knowledge to help their children in this regard.

In the bid to find solutions, parents have considered hiring a private tutor to help their child cope with stress. But the big question is, can a tutor help with stress coping techniques for a child? Let’s find out together in this article.

What causes stress in children?

Having established that children also experience stress, it is important to know what contributes to this stress. Note that not all types or levels of stress are abnormal. Stress can be positive in some cases, for instance, when a child moves to a new school with new classmates. In this case, the child can leverage this stress to grow and learn.

Stress becomes negative when the events leading to stress reoccur but are not managed properly.  These situations may degenerate into emotional and physical toxicity for children. This is why it is important to nip it in the bud and avoid even bigger problems.

If your child experiences stress, it may be due to one or more of the following:

Tests or examinations

Children tend to get worried about an upcoming test or exam. This test or exam anxiety may be intense in some children, resulting in bad grades.


Children experience stress when it is time to make a presentation in front of their classmates. They are always scared of embarrassing themselves while at it. Most children also dread becoming the centre of attention in any case.


One of the most common causes of stress in children is bullying. Bullying is a leading cause of emotional and physical trauma in children.

Exposure to danger

Children go through fire drills and lockdown drills, in preparation for danger. These may trigger them randomly, thus increasing their stress levels significantly.

The above are the most common causes of stress in children. However, this is just half of the job – the other half is finding lasting solutions to these issues. And this is where a private tutor comes into the picture.

How can a tutor help your child cope with stress?

You may want to argue that private tutors are only expected to help your children with their studies and school-related issues. And you are right. However, a private tutor is not limited to only these responsibilities. A well-trained, qualified teacher private tutor can help your child cope with stress using specialised techniques, as shown below:

Understanding Stress

The first step in helping children deal with stress is to make them understand what stress is all about and how it affects them. Private tutors can show your children how stress kicks in and what they can do to avoid it. In the end, they handle the situation better.

Time Management

One of the best ways to avoid stress is to stay organised. That said, it is difficult for a child to be organised all by themselves. A competent private tutor teaches your child how to manage their time well and stay organised with their tasks and assignments. By allowing children to work with flexible schedules for tasks, their stress levels stay relatively lower. Children become less anxious about due dates for tasks and focus more on getting the work done without pressure.


Mindfulness is all about being aware of what is happening in one’s environment. It is a potent stress-coping technique that can help children to avoid stress. Mindfulness practised the right way will sharpen the child’s focus and reduce anxiety levels. This way, they cope with challenges better without feeling stressed.

Humour and Laughter

You will be surprised at how much good a good laugh can do for the body, even in children. The more humour a child experiences, the better their stress response. It reduces stress levels and helps them relax. In addition to reducing stress, the dopamine released while laughing also helps in sharpening your child’s memory.

Social Connectivity

It is difficult to develop and maintain social connectivity among several students within a classroom. It is understandable why classroom teachers struggle with this. However, developing great relationships goes a long way in relieving stress, especially in children. A private tutor creates a viable social connection with your child in a conducive environment (our centre). 


Having someone you can trust and rely on makes things easier. This is not limited to only adults – children also feel the same way. In cases where a child struggles to create such a relationship with their parents, they may experience alarming stress levels. Fortunately, a good private tutor can be a breath of fresh air in this case. These professionals know how to create a great student/tutor relationship that helps to reduce stress. The empathy and calmness they bring help to create beneficial bonds with your children.

Take-Home Message

As parents, it is important to always be on the lookout for signs and changes that suggest your child is experiencing stress. If you fail to notice on time, it may lead to even bigger problems. However, it does not end with identifying these signs. You must also strive to get a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable tutor to help your child with these situations.  The right private tutor can help your child cope with stress using the right techniques.

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