Tutoring Services

Discover our tutoring services and how they can benefit your child

Like any other parent, you’ll want the best for your child, and with them missing out on vital school time due to COVID-19, you may have worries that they have missed out on important learning.

By investing in our tutoring services, you can give them the support that they need so they can master their chosen subject.

Choose Leeds Number 1 Tuition Centre for Maths, English and Science

At Leeds Tuition Centre we are passionate about helping children realise their potential and boosting their confidence.

A tutor’s role is to give your child the best chance of achieving their goals, targets, and meeting aspirations in the educational field. With our help, your child can get the support they need on the subjects they may need some extra help with.

Whether they need some help with Key Stage 1 early reading or simply need a confidence boost in a subject they struggle in such as science or maths, we can be on hand to help you and your child.

On our website you can find out more about us and the subjects we cover, as well as more information on our assessment process. All you need to do is give us some information on the subject matter your child is struggling in so we can build a better picture of your needs.