Private Tutor

Could your child benefit from spending some time with a private tutor?

For children that are in primary school, the classroom can sometimes be overwhelming and they may find certain subjects particularly difficult to grasp. Quite often, this can lead to a lack of confidence and a loss of interest in learning, so addressing this whilst they’re still young can make the world of difference to their education.

If you’re concerned your child is falling behind or you would like them to improve in certain subject areas, spending time with a private tutor can boost their knowledge and their confidence.

At Leeds Tuition Centre we want your child to flourish in whatever area they’re struggling in. We offer a range of tutoring services and can help with:

  • KS1 & 2 SAT’s
  • Sentence construction
  • Grammar, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • 11+ preparations

In order to give your child the best possible learning experience, we take the time to understand how they learn best so we can tailor our lessons accordingly. All our tutoring takes place in our very own centre, with each lesson lasting 80 minutes, which is broken up in to 20-minute activities so they remain stimulated.

To talk to us about how we can help your primary school child, get in touch to find out more. Fill out the form on our website to book an initial consultation so we can work out how best to help your child.