Maths Tutor

See the difference having a math tutor can make to your child’s development

Amongst all the subjects that primary school children learn, maths is often the one subject that has a reputation for being difficult. Whilst some children naturally excel when working with numbers, others can find maths incredibly difficult and it can knock their confidence when they’re not performing as well as others.

If you have a child in primary school that is struggling with maths lessons, investing in a little extra help can go a long way.

At Leeds Tuition Centre we want to help your child find their confidence and give them the tools needed to excel. We understand that maths can be intimidating to lots of children, so we aim to break it down and give them the support and skills they need to get a better understanding of it.

We’ll look at certain areas of maths such as:

  • Time, money and place value
  • Problem solving
  • Mental maths
  • Percentages, decimals and fractions
  • Basic number skills
  • Times tables
  • Measure
  • Division
  • Algebra and geometry

If you’d like to speak to us about booking some time with our maths tutor, you can reach out to us via our contact form or by calling 01133 456 188.