GCSE English Tutor Leeds

Could your child benefit from a GCSE English tutor in Leeds?

GCSE qualifications are amongst some of the main factors that an employer will look out for in candidates’ CVs. They provide a ladder to the selection of A Level choices and later on, degree choice if one decides to pursue University.

The results of your child’s GCSEs will provide a strong indication of their academic strengths and any weaknesses, as well as what skills they may have to offer further on down the line. Many jobs have a minimum grade requirement in GCSE subjects such as Maths or English, so it is vital they have a good understanding of these subjects.

At Leeds Tuition Centre we can unlock your child’s potential through our tutoring

By using a variety of learning methods such as workbooks, audio resources, worksheets and computer activities, our 80-minute tuition sessions will give your child the time they need to focus on subject matters they may be struggling with.

We take our time with each child that we work with, helping to give them the tools and the knowledge needed to help them in their GCSE exams.

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